Inverter power

We human beings have been hiding from the sun for far too long instead of taking advantage of its scorching power by transforming it into a nearly limitless resource.

After several thousand years, humanity made a truly brilliant discovery: solar panels! Several decades have passed since that moment. Now, with the help of SolarGaps convenient sun protection system, you can transform the Sun’s immense power.

The inverter transforms solar energy into electricity compatible with your home grid

Let’s talk about the inverter now. This is one of the crucial components of the SolarGaps panels. The inverter transforms solar energy into electricity, which it then supplies to a circuit after direct current is converted into alternating current. Thus, energy collected by the panels is made suitable for powering all of your electrical appliances. The inverter also controls the magnitude of the voltage to protect the system from its fluctuations. In the event of a decrease in solar energy flow to the blinds, any energy remaining in the circuit will be used to power electrical devices.

Customers often ask: Why isn’t the price of the inverter listed in the SolarGaps price list? Answer: We do not list the prices of inverters because they are not fixed. Inverters come in various sizes depending on the specific energy needs of our customers –– the more power needed, the more powerful the inverter required.

Note: the inverter has no accumulation function.

If blinds generate more energy than household devices consume, we recommend using a battery to collect this excess energy to use for emergency situations, or to sell at a green rate.

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