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Frequently asked Questions about SolarGaps

You plug SolarGaps into a power outlet and the inverter converts solar energy into electricity that can be used by all your devices. This means SolarGaps will feed electrical power that you can instantly use or store in a battery for later use.
Please fill out the form "get a quote" on our website (be sure to specify the size of the window to which you are going to install SolarGaps). We will send you a price estimation by mail.
1 sq m of blinds will generate up to 100 Wt of energy per hour and will save up to 500 Wt of energy per hour
We will provide all customers with a two-years warranty, which is industry average warranty term.
SolarGaps is certified in the EU (CE Certificate). We will apply for a certificate in North America at the beginning of 2019.
We will provide ESS in April 2019.
Inverter converts solar energy from DC to AC and sends it to the grid.
We provide inverters for extra charge. Type of inverter depends on measurements of your window(s).
Yes. Resistance to wind loads - class 2. (over 100 km/h).
In the winter blinds must be opened (role up) to avoid freeze and extra mass.