Frequently asked questions

How does SolarGaps work?

All you have to do is plug SolarGaps into a power outlet and the inverter will convert solar energy into electricity that can be used by all your devices. This means SolarGaps will feed electrical power that you can instantly use or store in a battery for later use.

How can I buy SolarGaps?

Please fill out the form “GET A QUOTE" on our website (be sure to specify the size of the window on which you are going to install SolarGaps facade blinds). We will send you a price estimation by mail.

How much energy will it generate?

1 sq m of SolarGaps blinds generates up to 100Wh, which is sufficient to charge a smartphone, a laptop or to power a TV during sunny hours. For example, one average window (approximately 2 sq m)  will generate around 1 Kilowatt per day, depending on your location, season, building facing, etc. The auto sun tracking system ensures the most efficient sun energy is captured at all times.

How much will I save with SolarGaps?

SolarGaps smart blinds will help you to save on electrical bills by not only producing green energy (up to 100W per 1 sq m per hour) for your household or office needs, but also by keeping the apartment cool, which means reducing cooling costs. This combination of features allows you to save on your power bills up to 30%.

How long is the warranty period?

We provide all customers with a two-year warranty on SolarGaps blinds, which is the industry average warranty term.

What is an inverter and why do I need it?

Solar energy is not useful on its own. A solar inverter transforms solar energy into electricity that your home appliances use.

Do I need to buy the inverter and how much does it cost?

We provide inverters for an extra charge. The type of inverter and its price depends on the size of the solar blinds.

Are you certified in Europe/USA?

SolarGaps is certified in the EU (CE Certificate). We have already applied for a certificate in North America are expecting to obtain it in 2022.

Can I buy a home battery for energy storage?

Unfortunately, we do not provide batteries along with the system, but you can additionally purchase home batteries. We can recommend some Ecoflow models, such as Delta and River Mini as they have been tested to work correctly with our solution.

How do the blinds endure winter?

The operating temperature of SolarGaps blinds ranges from -20°C up to 60°C. In the case of snow, blinds must be fully retracted (opened) to avoid freezing and the extra mass that snow can couse. 

How smart is it?

SolarGaps blinds automatically adjust the angle to capture solar energy and provide shading in the most effective way. You can get reports and control the blinds with your smartphone. SolarGaps blinds will wake you up in the morning and keep your privacy at night.

Will it block the view?

You can still enjoy the view because our smart solar blinds are fully retractable. With all the controls you need at your fingertips and with Smart Home integration changing the position of your blinds, it's as simple as asking. SolarGaps blinds are available in different colors, so you can even choose what is best for your apartment’s design.

What is the payback period?

The question we are asked a lot is how long does it take for SolarGaps blinds to pay off. Well, of course, the payback period depends on many factors such as the size of your smart blinds, the facing direction of the building, electricity cost per kWh in your country, sunshine hours, etc. Thus, the payback period should be calculated individually, as there is no single answer to this question. And don’t forget that SolarGaps functions are not limited to energy generation only.

Can it be installed inside?

Unfortunately, we do not produce inner blinds. Our system is not designed to be installed inside of the apartment or office because solar energy generation and shading effect will not be as productive as when it is installed outside.

Does it emit any noise?

As the system is mounted outside, the level of noise produced by the motor is ultra-low and will barely be heard from inside.

Will it get dirty and how to clean it?

The surface of the solar panels of our facade blinds is designed to ensure easy cleaning when it is necessary, even though most of the dirt is being washed off naturally by rain and snowmelt.

What is the min/max size of blinds you can produce?

The minimum size of the blinds we can produce is W85 x H85 cm or (W33 x H33 in), the maximum size is W320 x H300 cm (10 ft 6 in x 9 ft 10 in).

For more information, please see our SolarGaps Manual

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