“The idea to combine solar panels and blinds struck me when I saw sunflowers in the field turning to face the sun. 
With my invention, I wanted to claim that everyone is responsible for saving our planet.”


on your bills
Installed on the outside of the building, SolarGaps smart blinds provide active shading and ensure maximum efficiency of generating green energy and keeping the heat outside of the apartment, which allows you to save on your electricity bills up to 30%

Lower your bills by 30%

Our smart blinds generate around 100Wh per 1 sqm during sunny hours, which is enough to charge a smartphone, a laptop or to power a TV.

Generate up to 100Wh

Due to environmental problems like global warming, air pollution, acid rain, etc., many countries around the world provide loans, investments and tax deductions to provide a positive ecological impact on our planet.

Green loans government support

You can get reports from SolarGaps and control the blinds with your smartphone. Our easy to use application is available for Android (requires 4.4 KitKat and above) and iOS (iOS 11 or later versions).

Operated by mobile application

SollarGaps smart blinds can be fully integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The blinds can become a part of your smart home or office system. If for any reason you don’t want to use your smartphone, controlling the position of your smart blinds can be as simple as just asking, “Hey Alexa.”

Supports Alexa and Google Assistant

SolarGaps facade blinds automatically adjust the angle of its blinds for the most effective shading performance and solar power production. Our smart blinds are mounted on the outside of the building and serve as a heat shield which helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Smart auto shading mode


With the consistent growth of population and electricity needs the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases is increasingly creating a warming effect. Only 1 sqm of solar elements can prevent 0,10 kg of carbon emissions.

Reducing carbon footprint

We believe that everyone is responsible for saving the Earth. Even owners of residential or commercial properties, without the rooftop access, can start generating green solar energy for further usage or storage.

Contribution to saving our planet

Today it’s not a question anymore, whether everyone should contribute to saving our planet. The eco lifestyle of each person is a personal step we can take towards a better future.

Eco lifestyle

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