5 Benefits of Going Green in the Office

Sustainability has been a topic of many discussions and thoughts in the last few years. People started to consider environmental issues and implement new strategic approaches towards resolutions of the problems according to personal and corporate norms. As time passes, it is observed that many corporations benefit their business by going green. In this article, you will find the 5 most important benefits that going green will bring to your business. 

  1. Reduced expenses

Going green helps you as a business owner to reduce money spent on bills. How can you do it? Easy. For example, consider opting for LED lighting. Have you ever thought of how much extra energy and money is being wasted when you have all the electronic devices in the office on and leave them like that after leaving the office? You can simply reduce bills if you switch the coffee machine off at the end of the working day and make sure that the computers are not in sleep mode. It is simple, isn’t it? 

How much money do you spend on paper in your office monthly? All of the work, contracts, and releases are often printed on paper. Sometimes, we even observe how people print on one side of the paper, and thus use a doubled number of papers. Green companies recycle the paper they have used and are not in need anymore, they digitize everything that has been published or written on the paper and store it in the computers. However, of course, if there is a need, we advise to print on both sides of papers both to decrease paper usage and to save energy of the printing machine, and after that to recycle the papers. 

  1. Catchy commercial

Companies spend an immense amount of their money on all sorts of marketing. For example, advertising cards or big roll-ups placed before the entrance to the office. For sure, it may work and you may attract new clients. But, let’s look at it from a different perspective. You hand those booklets out on the streets to the people you do not know, in most cases they do not even keep them. In the end, you spend a great amount of money on printing, you get one of the trees in the row cut, and the fact that you will get a client is not guaranteed. What is the solution? The most successful advertisement nowadays is the online one. Put your company adverts on different social platforms and reach wider audiences. Also, you may use LED screens with video or photo ads of your company that will show what work your team does and the clients will more vividly see it. 

  1. Company standpoint

Today, in these rapidly changing business norms, many people are willing to work with or for a company that cares about environmental issues. If they see that you are taking the steps to reduce ecological problems, then it can tell that you are attentive to your customers and employees. Compare an employer who cares about the global environment and manages his or her work according to it with the other one who wants to benefit his company without taking action towards a better future but thinking about how to make more money.  

Also, more professionals will accept offers to work in your company or apply themselves to become a part of your team if it is environmentally friendly. For you, as a company owner, it will be much better to work with people who care about the ecology and environment since it also illustrates some characteristics of their personality.

Smart external blinds, such as SolarGaps will make your working environment more comfortable and will save your business more sustainable by saving energy.

  1. Better environment for working

Imagine two scenarios. The first is when you are sitting in front of the computer, and on your desk, there is a lot of paperwork and you cannot even find what you are looking for because everyone comes and puts some new documents on your desk every hour. At the end of the day, you will become exhausted. And now the other one. You are sitting in the room, there is only a laptop on your desk with all the documents synchronized there and instead of papers, there are beautiful flowers or green all around. Now think, which environment will boost the productivity of your employees? It is scientifically proven that eco-friendly working places result in better cognitive thinking and thus results in higher performativity. 

Also, employees feel happier and more energized as the effect of the environment in the office and leads to better concentration, better work with deadlines, and motivation to come to the office every new day. Employees appreciate when their health is being minded. By omitting the usage of chemicals, allowing natural sunlight in the office you can positively affect the health of the workers in the long-term period. 

  1. Become an innovator

“Green” projects are getting popular day by day. Not many companies can think of how sustainability ethics can benefit their companies. Use eco-friendly products, or nature itself as your business. For example, a business camp in the forest as a team-building project will be an ideal offer to your customers. First, they will be outdoors for days which will increase the motivation of their employees, the second is that you may offer a partnership to the company you will work with and they will most probably be delighted to become partners with eco-friendly business owners. However, while doing all of this, do not forget that you need to consider everything in detail so that camping people do not harm the environment as a habit of the past. 

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