Terms and Conditions

The organizer of this contest is SolarGaps LLC (the “Organizer”.)

The Organizer, with funding from the European Commission, is holding the contest intending to choose companies for implementing the pilot project on the Organizer’s product installation for commercial buildings, Solar Smart Blinds SolarGaps (the “Contest”.)

The participating company (the “Participant”) signifies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by participating in the Contest.

The Participant is required:

  1. To fill out the contact form on the website with accurate and credible information.
  2. To discuss information, with the Organizer, about the project by phone or video conferencing.
  3. To provide all the necessary documentation; the architectural plan of the premises, building schematics, facade blueprints, as well as necessary photographs.
  4. To provide, upon request, any other documentation to clarify the capabilities of mounting and connecting to the building’s existing systems.

In case of winning the Contest, the Participant is required to sign the agreement within 30 calendar days. If the agreement is not signed within this timeframe, the Organizer has the right to cancel the release of the prize to the Participant and pass it to another Participant.

In the Contest, the following prizes are as follows:

The Grand Prize is 100% of the smart solar blinds SolarGaps cost and 100% of the installation costs at the expense of the Organizer. 

The Second Prize is 50% of the smart solar blinds SolarGaps cost and 50% of the installation costs at the expense of the Organizer. 

The Third Prize is a 10% discount on SolarGaps for the Participant’s building.

The Grand Prize is assigned to one Participant chosen by the Organizer.

The Second Prise is assigned to one Participant chosen by the Organizer. The Second Prize may not be assigned in the case that the project area of the Grand Prize project winner is more than 250 square meters.

The Third Prize can be assigned to an unlimited number of Participants at the discretion of the Organizer.

Winners will be selected at the Organizer’s sole discretion. The selection criteria are as follows:

  • the number of sunny hours per year in the region
  • the facing of the building’s facade
  • technical possibility of installation
  • correspondence of the building’s characteristics to the Horizon 2020 grant program’s agreement

The Organizer doesn’t cover additional expenses that can occur during project implementations that may include but are not limited to:

  • Building energy audits.
  • Connection to the electrical grid.
  • Integration into the building’s management system.
  • Electricity meters.
  • Licenses, permits or any other permissive documentation.
  • General construction works regarding laying electric cables or wall drilling.
  • Expenses on any facade adaptations or reinforcements required for the external blinds installation.
  • Design fees or documentation costs related to the installation of external blinds.
  • Server deployment required for the connection to the grid. 
  • Any other expenses connected with the installation of SolarGaps to the building’s facade.

The Organizer does not bear the cost of inverters and other accessories. The cost of inverters has to be covered by the winning company.

Applied participants understand that this is a pilot project and are guaranteed access to all the statistics on the SolarGaps system functioning and do not mind the release of data and analysis such as the amount of generated energy and building’s energy consumption.

The Organizer grants a one year warranty for the product.

The contest winner understands they must provide unimpeded access for the repairing or maintenance services during working hours at the prearranged time.

The winning company pledges upon request of the Organizer to use all the blinds exclusively in Max Efficiency mode to ensure the maximum energy generation during 31 calendar days in a row.

The winning company commits to grant access to the building upon request at a prearranged time to the Organizer or media journalists by the reason of video filming. The winner also undertakes to provide written feedback, as well as video reviews about the outcome of the project.

The Organizer reserves the right to reschedule the announcement of the results in case of a large number of applications.

The Organizer is entitled to cancel the competition in case of an insufficient number of the received applications or their non-conformity with the conditions of the contest.

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