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SolarGaps — smart blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy.

SolarGaps is an all-in-one solution. You simply plug in SolarGaps and solar energy starts to powering devices in your homе. You can even store energy with any battery storage you want to use as an emergency backup. SolarGaps lets you produce your own electricity and saves you money on your electric bill.

All reports and controls are available on your smartphone, making SolarGaps easy to use. SolarGaps is a perfect system for your home, especially if you live in an apartment and do not have a roof to mount solar panels.

Owners of commercial property can mount SolarGaps on windows and reduce operational costs like air conditioning.

"We believe that green energy should be available for everybody." — Yevgen Erik, Founder of SolarGaps


SolarGaps Team

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How SolarGaps Works


Is SolarGaps a startup?

Yes, we are a startup founded in February 2016. SolarGaps is a brainchild of the team, led by Yevgen Erik, Ukrainian inventor, passionate about the green energy.

Is the device being produced already?

Not yet. At this stage, we have manufactured a working prototype and its control unit. Now we need to improve the software and the control system. We are launching the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to collect funds for the full-scale production. The price of the device is set to be 480-890$ per square meter.

What inspired the team to create SolarGaps?

The SolarGaps' founder Yevgen Erik was in charge of installing blinds in the office centers and building eco-friendly houses during long years of working in the construction industry. That’s when the idea of combining solar panels with blinds was born. "This idea consumed me so much that I spent one day in the fields out of the city studying how the sunflowers followed the sun. Then, I carried out a research about solar power which proved that the solar modules cost the cheapest among all other sources of energy, while they are the most effective ones, making today the best time to launch SolarGaps," Yevgen says.

How much energy does SolarGaps produce?

One square meter of SolarGaps blinds produces up to 100 watts of electricity. If the blinds are located indoors, behind the glass windows, the efficiency gets cut in half. A standard window with an area of two square meters with the external shutters can produce up to 200 watts. That's enough to charge a laptop! If you install SolarGaps in the office buildings with lots of large windows, it is possible to run completely off the grid. Imagine how much you can save on your electricity bills;)

How does SolarGaps work?

You simply plug SolarGaps into a power outlet and the inverter converts solar energy into electricity that can be used by all your devices. This means SolarGaps will feed electrical power that you can instantly use or store in a battery for later use.

Can I still use SolarGaps if there’s no power?

Yes, SolarGaps can be adjusted and moved manually

Can I disable the sun tracking feature?

Yes, you can open the blinds manually or via the smartphone app. SolarGaps will move back to the optimal charging position after you’ve left the room for at least 5 minutes.

Will SolarGaps stop working at night?

SolarGaps cannot produce electricity at night as solar energy requires the presence of the sun. However, we do include a small power bank with the blinds so you can charge devices via USB. If you install an optional battery storage unit, you can use the electricity you generated during the day at night. If you produce more power than you use, you can earn money by providing electricity to the grid!

What will you do with the money collected on Kickstarter?

We want to scale the production of SolarGaps, offer a wide choice of color and width, as well as different battery options. Also, we plan to open the service center for the installation of external and internal SolarGaps blinds.

Are you seeking an IPO?

Yes, we are planning to become a public company.